January 23rd, 2012

2012 Holiday Showcase and Toy Drive

Our second annual DMAB holiday showcase and toy drive was held on Friday, December 9, 2011 at the Friday Musicale Hall in Jacksonville, Florida.

The showcase featured over 20 children ranging in ages from 5 to 15; showing their artistic talents in singing, dancing and poetry reading. A particular poem that stood out in my mind was from a 14 year old young lady named Helen. She wrote about being bullied in school and the lessons she is learning about life. Helen found that writing poetry helped her get through difficult times. She said “I know every day is a chance to do better; so I start a new chapter letter by letter.” With the support from DMAB, Helen is now attending Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Douglas Anderson is ranked as one of the top magnate schools in Florida.

With generous donations from our sponsors and caring people throughout Jacksonville, we were able to sponsor 24 inner-city families this year and made their wishes come true. Children received toys and other items on their wish list. Many children asked for gifts for their family members instead of themselves. We also provided care packages to the seniors in the Brooklyn community.

“Remember there is always someone in greater need than you. Something you deem a simple pleasure, could be an impossibility for others. Make it Possible!” DMAB Artistic Director – Ulysses Owens Jr.

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