About Us


The mission of Don’t Miss a Beat, Inc. is to blend music, art, academic achievement, and civic engagement to inspire and enlighten children and teens in the Riverside, Brooklyn and Woodstock communities.

To succeed in our mission we:

  1. Utilize the performing arts as a tool to facilitate youth development and to cultivate youth talent in the arts
  2. Provide tutoring and academic support, thereby enhancing youth educational achievement and graduation rates
  3. Conduct civic engagement projects so that youth develop a connection to community and learn how to be responsible, productive citizens
  4. Offer workable skills training for adults in the community so that they may become increasingly self-sufficient and therefore better able to provide a safe, healthy environment for their children

Our Promise 

Through artistic discovery, we inspire families to bridge the gap for a better life.

Inspiring kids through the experience of art, theater, music and dance

Engaging kids by enhancing education through interactive participation

Connecting communities through civic and environmental responsibility

Nurturing self-reliant families through support and training

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