March 1st, 2012

Black History Month Showcase

Chorus directed by Edith Witherspoon

Mrs. Rouse

Don’t Miss A Beat, Inc. held it’s first event to celebrate Black History Month on February 24th at the Johnson Center. The theme was “The Black History Experience” and the main speaker was Mrs. Rouse an instructor at DASOTA.

This participants included children enrolled in our after school an homework assistance programs.

The program was divided into four segments:

Each presenter provided three clues about well known African Americans. The audience was then asked the questions, “Who Am I?”  This segment was a lot of fun, with interaction between the audience and the children.

The title provides incentive for the children; there are no limitations to your dreams. The presenters were our kindergarteners.  They provided about famous African Americans.

This segment was presented by the high schoolers. The first presenter talked about President, Barack Obama.

The second presenter, Helen Robinson, talked about Mr. Nat Turner, the leader of a slave rebellion.  She then recited a poem she created, “I Choose To Be Free.”

The children presented information on little known African American inventors.  Several adults from the audience informed us that this was good information.

Also, the DMAB Chorus made their debut with Edith Witherspoon as Director.

The event was well attended by the community, friends and supporters.  DMAB would like to thank our partner ON Ideas for setting up the media coverage by Fox 30 News.

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