May 3rd, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day_2012

In honor of Earth Day, our wonderful tutors at DMAB planned the following after-schoold activities for the entire week of April 24-27.

Tuesday Subject: “The Life Cycle of a Plant”
Activity: Each student will plant cucumber and tomatoes seeds in their own planter.
They will learn what environment these veggies grow best
They will learn how to properly care for their plants to promote growth.

Wednesday Subject: The Life Cycle of a Plant (continued)
Activity: Complete Activity from Plant Fun Facts Activity Book

Thursday Subject: “Why Should We Recycle:
Students will learn the importance waste management
Understand the meaning and difference of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
Learn what materials are recyclable
Art Activity: Create and decorate a “Recyclable Items Wheel”

Friday Subject: “Why Should We Recycle” (continued)
Art Activity: Students will create “Happy Earth Day” picture frames from recycled materials.

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