Community Impact


To assess the real impact of DMAB programs on the lives of families in the Brooklyn and Riverside communities, we tracked the progress of 20 participants who have consistently participated in our programs.

  • 99% of students were safe and not involved in any criminal, deviant or at-risk behavior
  • 95% of parents reported improved parent/child relationships and increased positive peer involvement
  • 80% of students showed improved behavior at school
  • 70% of students received less than three behavior referrals during the previous school year
  • 85% of students showed academic improvement in the areas of math and literacy

Meet the Community

Hear how Don’t Miss a Beat directly impacts children, mentors and our community.

Looking Forward

In 2017 we will evaluate our overall efforts through our ability to meet the following objectives:

  1. Present a minimum of three productions to the community.
  2. Serve a minimum of 600 children and adults through our programs.
  3. Implement out-of-school and outreach programs that use the arts to target social issues or special needs populations such as at-risk youth or persons with limited access to the arts.
  4. For education, serve a minimum of 600 youth and families and complete three student productions and presentations to the community.
  5. For summer programs, serve another 80+ students resulting in two additional performances for the community.

Keep Brooklyn Beautiful


DMAB kicked off the first “Keep Brooklyn Beautiful” initiative in partnership with Sarah Nan and the “Keep Jacksonville Beautiful” (KJB) team. Along with Sarah and KJB, the DMAB staff, kids and board members partnered with volunteers from Bank of America and other companies to clean up the community. The KJB team provided all the tools needed for the clean up: trash bags, trash pickers, gloves, energy foods, water and a large dumpster. Pizza Hut donated lunch to feed the hungry volunteers at the end of the day.

This was a great beginning to clean up Brooklyn and instill pride within the community. DMAB thanks Sarah and Duncan Nan along with Dan Durbec and his team for partnering with us on this important initiative.

DMAB Spring Fling & Easter Egg Hunt

Come join the fun every year in April as we celebrate spring with our annual Easter Egg Hunt and other fun community activities. Check back for dates.

DMAB Turkey Give-A-Way

The Brooklyn Community buzzes with excitement each year when we distribute turkeys in November during the DMAB Turkey Give-A-Way. Thanks to our corporate partners for making a difference to the families in the Brooklyn Community.

DMAB Rhythm Bus is Here…


New this year, the “Ride the Rhythm” bus provides after school transportation to the JS Johnson Youth Community Arts Center. While this much-needed service benefits our existing students it also allows us to accept new students who previously could not participate due to transportation issues.

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