December 13th, 2011

Congratulations to our 2011 Volunteer of the Year: Paul Figura

By Gwendolyn Owens

DMAB presented the 2011 Volunteer of the Year award to Paul Figura on December 9th at the DMAB Holiday Showcase and Toy Drive.

Paul is a Commercial and Advertising photographer based in Jacksonville, Florida, North Florida, USA. Studio and lifestyle commercial photography.

The DMAB organization began a partnership with Paul during our first year of hosting a summer camp program.  During a conversation with Paul I shared information about the summer camp and how our goal was to use the arts to inspire the kids and strengthen them academically.  When I told Paul about the end of summer camp finale Broadway Show he asked if I had anyone to take pictures.  I answered “no” and the rest is DMAB Figura and DMAB history.

Figura Photography has taken pictures of every DMAB major event to make sure we have professional pictures and to chronicle our milestones. Paul has partnered with DMAB since the beginning and had provided the highest quality of work at not cost to our organization.  Paul has also championed our most recent video project with our Artistic Director and On Ideas.  Paul is a person; with an enormous talent and understands that “to whom much is given-much is required” He is a blessing to our organization.  Paul has helped our organization achieve the highest level of excellence by providing high quality pictures and videos.

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