May 18th, 2019

DMAB Community Art Festival

The 2019 Community Art Festival was a huge success! First, Don’t Miss a Beat (DMAB) is very grateful to Bank of America for funding this event again this year. We are also pleased that for the third year, Family Foundations partnered with us for the “Wise Money Week” annual event.  In addition, we would like to thank, Tim Martin, Associate Director of Student Recruitment at FSCJ and the Players Center for Child Health, for hosting tables at the event. Family Foundations offers tools, skills, support and solutions for families and individuals to benefit by translating financial knowledge into better financial behaviors. Our community benefits from the thousands of families who become financially stable because of Family Foundations. Financially stable families buy houses they desire and can afford, making neighborhoods stable. Children thrive when they live with financially fit families.

This year, over 150 people attended the event, some had attended the event last year while for others, it was their first time.  At Don’t Miss A Beat, Inc. we believe that the arts are a bridge to a better life for underserved communities in Jacksonville, FL. The Don’t Miss a Beat Community Art Festival is designed to reach into these communities and provide the families with not just the arts but much needed services.

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