September 1st, 2014

DMAB Goes to Paris!

On August 4, 2014, students from Don’t Miss a Beat embarked on a journey of a lifetime from Jacksonville International Airport to Paris, France as part of the “3 Notes for Hope” cross-cultural exchange.

“3 Notes For Hope” Cross-Cultural Exchange Project 

In July 2014, Don’t Miss A Beat launched the “3 Notes For Hope” cross-cultural exchange with two international nonprofit organizations: Apprentis D’ Auteuil in Paris, France and L’association Vivre dans l’esperance in Togo, Africa.

This cross-cultural exchange program allowed the children to learn about cultures both inside and outside of the U.S. The children shared their own cultures, traditions, and perspectives; learned tolerance and respect for cultural differences; and appreciated the similarities that bring people together.

The “3 Notes for Hope” program spanned a couple of weeks, beginning on the last week of DMAB Music & Arts Summer Camp. Twelve children from Apprentis D’ Auteuil traveled to the U.S. to participate our camp, where the emphasis was on both the arts as well as U.S. culture. During the second part of the program, the Paris children returned home and hosted 12 children from DMAB.

When our children arrived in Paris, they were greeted by the kids from Apprentis D ‘Auteuil and L’association Vivre dans’ l’ esperance with singing and dancing. In addition to the cultural education, artistic directors from the three organizations collaborated together on a program to showcase the amazing talent of the kids. On August 8, the “3 Notes For Hope” Cultural Extravaganza was held at the American Church in Paris, France.

The children completed the trip with some sightseeing, which included a cruise around the Seine River, a guided tour to all the historic Parisian sites and landmarks, a visit to the gardens at Versailles and shopping for souvenirs at the markets by the Eiffel Tower.

Each student chosen to participate in the “3 Notes for Hope” cross-cultural program was selected based consistency in four categories of examination: Good Behavior, Academic Excellence, Emotional Flexibility, and The Desire to Be a Part of Something Great. While these four attributes were measured to determine eligibility for the trip, these are something we strive for all of our children to master to become the movers and thinkers of their generation.

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