June 15th, 2012

DMAB Summer Camp_2012

DMAB Summer Camp will start bright and early Monday morning on June 11th at 8am and our staff is trained and ready to go! The camp dates are June 11-July13, 2012, 8:00am-5:00pm (extended day services are available).

Our theme the year is, “We’re Taking Charge”
Summer Camp for the Philosophy: Teaching Kids Confidence/Find What Works for You/Elimination a Fear of Failure
Leaving it up to the kids discovery-not stifling them
Art at its basic form is being able to express themselves and ideas in any way they choose
“We’re Taking Charge of”
Week 1- The Environment
Week 2-Your Health (hygiene, fitness, diet)
Week 3-Career Week
Week 4-Your Attitude (bullying, stereotypes)
Week 5-Safety- (stranger danger and more)
Each Camp Counselor will incorporate these themes into their academic and artistic lesson plans. Of course our campers wil perform in the weekly talent shows on Friday afternoons.

This summer our Camp Counselors credentials are:
UNF Graduate – Fine Arts Degree,
UF Student – Arts Major in Theatre
FSU Student – Fine Arts Major in Music Theatre
JU graduate – BFA in Dance
Douglas Anderson Student Volunteer
Fresh Ministries Youth Employment Program-this year DMAB, Inc. has partnered with this organization to hire 2 Junior Counselors to support the staff and campers. These youths have completed the required job training and Fresh Ministries is providing 90% of the minimum wage hourly salary to the youth employed fby our organization to provide them with summer employment.

Please “save the date” for our Finale Showcase scheduled for July 20,2012- 6pm at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum. Also, please feel free to stop by and check in on our 60 campers or if you have time to volunteer that would be great!

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