Don’t Miss a Beat inspires children through 3 core actions.

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We Expose children to the Arts 

“Children are born Artist’, -Ellen Gargagliano

At DMAB we are constantly creating opportunities for them to be taught the Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Drama and Visual Art) which we believe gives their creative minds an opportunity to be transformed and challenged, causing a high level of personal development and growth. Our current listed  programs that make this impact possible and are offered virtually free of charge to the surrounding community. The Music & Art and Academic Enrichment Summer Camp, After School Homework Assistance, and the DMAB Academy of Arts.

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We Build Community

“It takes a Village to raise a child.” -African Proverb

A major part of the mission at DMAB is to meet the needs of the whole child. We decided that a major part of our work would be to create a Community Art Center where families can get support for their children but also get their needs met as well, removing various stumbling blocks that could block the children from learning and growing. The old African proverb states, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and DMAB has been committed to building and sustaining a village that has touched over 500 families.

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We Help Children Find Their Rhythm

“Don’t Miss a Beat is a vehicle for children in Jacksonville to become part of an artistic community that will expose your child to many artistic possibilities.” –Chris Banks (LaVilla School of the Arts)

At DMAB we have recognized a positive pattern with all of those who attend, work with and encounter the organization. By helping others, people find their purpose and their voice. This gives them a new hope in life, and allows them to tap into our mantra which is “Finding your rhythm.” For some, Finding their rhythm is their child being able to feel successful during their studies. For others, it is finding new resources to make their dreams come true. For many, DMAB serves as an advocate and a vehicle.

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