Creatively Young

Creatively Young is a program that stimulates a toddler’s mind with the Arts.


Multiple studies have shown that children between two and four-years-old have a remarkable ability to develop cognitively, emotionally and socially—if stimulated properly.

This program targets toddlers in key stages and chronicles their development with artistic connectors and concepts that bridges the gap and adds excitement to the growth stages they are rapidly experiencing.

Our Creatively Young Program is sponsored by the Chartrand Family Foundation and The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida.

Creatively Young Courses

Let’s Dance 

Introduction to Movement and Dance Styles

We break dance down to a very basic level. Ballet positions, modern movement and helping each child understand how to center their bodies and accept movement.

Let’s Sing 

Introduction to Voice

In this course, children explore voice as the first instrument. Through the use of the diaphragm, breathing and making various sounds, they begin to understand voice on a basic level and practice through singing melodic notes and songs (Nursery Rhymes).

Let’s Paint 

Introduction Color, Shapes and Lines

Colors, shapes and lines. During this course, the children are introduced to crayons and all the different colors. It shows the difference between painting and drawing and together, we create a class assignment on a large canvas.

Let’s Learn

Alphabet Skills

This course uses games and activities to teach letter recognition. Children also learn their names through recognition activities and number skills.




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